Jennifer Carter

Jennifer, a long-time Lincoln resident with more than fifteen years of experience in public policy, is a candidate to represent the 29th District in the Nebraska Legislature.

She currently works as legal counsel to the Health and Human Services Committee of the Legislature. Prior to working in the Legislature, Jennifer balanced motherhood and career by being home with her children and working part-time as a consultant for organizations such as the Food Bank for the Heartland and the Food Bank of Lincoln. Jennifer also worked for many years as the Director of Public Policy for Nebraska Appleseed, focusing on issues such as child welfare and health care.

Jennifer received her Bachelor’s Degree in political science from Columbia University and her law degree from Boston University School of Law.

Jennifer serves on the Board of Directors of the Friends of Lied, and of HopeSpoke, where she served as President for two years. She also served on the Board of the Prairie Hill Learning Center for nearly a decade, serving as President for four. Jennifer lives in the Country Club Neighborhood with her husband, Andy Barry, and their children, Cate and George.


She's Running

I am running because I believe in the importance of public service. I believe our policies should be driven by our values and by facts. As a legislator, I will bring this approach to policy making and I will work to ensure that government is working effectively and efficiently for the good of all Nebraskans.

As a lawyer who has developed and shaped policy for fifteen years, as a committed volunteer in our community — and as a mother — I believe my experience and passion for our community and state make me the right person for the job — right now.

I am running because I believe each of us can make a difference in this world. I believe that truth matters. Facts matter. That we can and should have a real and reasoned dialogue about important issues, even if those conversations are difficult.

We can get to a better place in our politics that allows for people of good faith to create a government that works well and for the greater good: one that creates opportunity, inspires innovation, supports families, and encourages tolerance and inclusion. I believe that we can see, first and foremost, each other’s humanity, even when we disagree.


She Stands For


I care about education because it molds the citizens of tomorrow. Because it can show us new worlds, teach us about beauty, and teach us how to think. We need these skills to move forward as individuals and as a community. We need strong schools from our elementary schools to our colleges and universities. Our children should be safe in school and have the chance to reach their potential.


I care about families. I want them to be healthy — physically and mentally — and have access to the health care they need. I want families to be strong and able to meet their basic needs. There is no avoiding hard work, especially when you don’t have a head start in life. As a society, we can help alleviate or lessen barriers such as hunger and help with affordable child care and housing to support work and make families stronger. We can and should make room so that hard work is rewarded and opportunities are real.


I care about workers and ensuring there is opportunity and a level playing field so everyone has a shot at a successful, prosperous life. Nebraskans should have job opportunities with good wages so they can support their families and have time to spend with their families. Ensuring equal pay for equal work and a fair wage is crucial for our workforce.

Innovators & Entrepreneurs

I care about innovators and entrepreneurs. We face many challenges in this world today. We need to support those who are taking risks, creating jobs, and solving problems so we have a better future.

Neighborhoods & Strong Communities

I care about safe neighborhoods and strong communities. Our neighborhoods and the diverse communities that live, work, and play within them are a key foundation to support families, children, and workers. Raising our children in Lincoln, I know the value of strong, friendly, and safe neighborhoods, and how necessary good infrastructure and a good economy is to ensuring everyone has an opportunity to make a life for themselves.